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Mod nerfing heroes to be realistic?

Guest Rik

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The issue was that you didn't give the correct answer. 

Like asking "what google gives you" when you ask it "1+1", you gave 2, but that's not the answer google gives you...

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Jarno, you've attempted to make maybe a dozen corrections on my posts over the years, but many more for other posters. I would like you to consider two different factors before you hit that "Submit Reply" button on 'corrections' for myself and others:

1. Is the information you're giving accurate?
2. Is the information you're giving actually helpful relative to the post you're attempting to correct?

Most of the time, you pass the first. Presumably the times you don't, it's accidental - understandable, it happens to everyone. It's the second one you constantly run into problems with, and for no absolutely good reason, since you obviously understand what the person you're correcting is saying and can reasonably expect others will as well. Why not...just stop doing that? Like, if you want to just post the screenshot and supplement what I already said, that's fine - nobody would ever have an issue with that. But why constantly correct others in such a contrarian manner when no correction is needed - what is the psychological need here?

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Alright, I play your littel game:

1 hour ago, Bartimaeus said:

But why constantly correct others in such a contrarian manner when no correction is needed - what is the psychological need here?

Hmm, who was the original question asked from ? Don't know, would quoting the question give the answer here, hmm. Never mind.

Did your answer go into the link in question. No. It went to a sublink that has part of the content but not the whole of it, which has to be corrected if I were not to be giving an answer ... or learned by the user, when having to learn that your answer is not correct and then them still needing another answer anyways. And when I returned to the site, there was a notification of me being quoted, asked a question directly... and then I answered it. After which you didn't realize how PWNed you hade been, so you had to ask for the issue, and it goes further from there in.

You should also undestand, that giving a precise answer with linking is far more important than just a questimation of how one uses the internet. I learned this when I wrote my 10 pages topic about the Megamoding, about 10 years ago, but you, probably didn't, so ... I'll give you that. You are welcome.

Yes, I understand the feelings this answer might arise, but give it a few moments and let it simmer, you might learn from this.

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6 hours ago, Almateria said:

Please be nice to Jarno, as a doctor I know as a fact that if he makes a single helpful relevant post in his life all his organs will fail at once

:p Should be a lot 'easier' now that I put him on ignore and created a uBlock filter to remove the "view this ignored user's message" bars from appearing entirely.

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