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This giant scorpion stopped by today

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People who have played Fallout 1 or 2 will be familiar with this chelicerate:


I remembered it when looking for new visual elements for a spell, and I researched ripping resources of those two games - the radscorpions appear already in Fallout 1. I followed links to programs and advice for extracting creature images, and I saved for myself the walking and attack animations of this one. That's all I need for the spell. It's a pity that such an attractive arthropod has to go unemployed, though, when it would easily fit the not-too-wide ranks of monsters in Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale, unlike, say, molerats or super mutants. If a modder wants to make a proper creature of it, I can explain where to get the files and which ones to use.

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Fallout was shot at a lower angle than bg. tho that might not matter too much. did EE open up animation slots? IIRC there was a limit.

Community Resources back at the old BWL had a bunch of animation files ready for someone to implement them.

It would be nice to see a bunch of creatures and kill them.

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First this is going to take someone who wants to put in the work to make the creature. After that someone appears, he won't mind shrinking the scorpion along the X axis. This is going to compensate for the angle. The files should probably be blurred by a couple of points as well, they are pixellated. The Imp doesn't know anything, as always, but the shadow is not a problem. They are all black in animations, set as the 2nd palette color, which the engine turns transparent. And there is no practical limit to the number of animation slots in EE. But, as I said, this is going to take a modder who wants to put in the labor to deliver an exciting new creature into the games. I'm too disappointed with modders and players to do anything but wish scorpions existed.

2 hours ago, Sir-Kill said:

It would be nice to see a bunch of creatures and kill them.

"You get to travel, meet interesting new insects. Get to kill 'em." - "Ant Z." :D  

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10 hours ago, Sir-Kill said:

Community Resources back at the old BWL had a bunch of animation files ready for someone to implement them.

You mean the ones that the old BP mods used to make specific creatures, cause they are all intergrated into the Infinity Animations mod, a mod that takes the BG2, and adds to it the EE's animation slot implementation so to speak. As it allows the same .ini file implementation, unlike the old system that relies in the BGMain.exe being modified to add space for the animation, which there's very little of, or just replacing files with different ones.

The Infinity Animation is still to be improved as the latest weidu update kicked the #%/T&#¤ out of it, as now you can't .bif the files as that requires the files name characters to be in a specific range, and the Latin ones in mod are not, leading to CTDs. And of course it only works with Latin codepage.

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Wow, ok well it has been 10 years. The name was actually community assets and had a number of animated..... well s$%t maybe they weren't made public.

other things



and here is the map I made in 3dsmax


Most everything points to bar's new game but a few things remain

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3 hours ago, temnix said:

A 3D game's creatures can't be converted to 2D.

Yeah, it's not like you are looking them from a monitor... that's 2D with every picture it shows.

As not even your 3D classes show 3D pictures, but interlaced 2 different pictures that somewhat might look like 3D, with the 4th dimention them being time. Things looking accurate is a different subject entirely.

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