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Unorhodox party composition for bg ee

Guest Rik

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Good party for me is always me, imoen, jaheura, khalid, dynaeir, minsc.

Evil party is me, imoen, xar, montaron, edwin/kagain, viconia.


Can you suggest me other parties? I cant make up my mind on how to have completely different parties with ajantis, branwen, eldoth, skie, alora, yeslick, etc

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I like to mix up good/evil guys in my team.

For example Jaheira & Khalid with Xzar & Montaron. Or Ajantis, Yeslick, Eldoth, Viconia. Also, the classic Minsc & Dynaheir, Kagain & Edwin.

For some reason I always keep my... best friend, Imoen.

With the BG1 NPC Project there is always some funny banters full of drama. And some very rare original voiced lines, too.

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