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BWL: Rjali NPC Mod Update!

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The Black Wyrm's Lair

Rjali NPC Mod
(Author: nullset)

Rjali NPC MOD is a romance add-on for the game Baldur's Gate II Extended Edition. 

The mod incorporates multiple romances and adds interaction between the various romanced women. Everybody knows what is going on! Rjali takes into account romances with Aerie, Jaheira, Viconia, Neera etc. It is not necessary to install the Tweaks Anthology Romance Cheats with option multiple romance allowed. Rjali is VERY multiple romance oriented, and attends to these little details herself. Install all other romance mods before this mod. Rjali makes changes!

Rjali is an amorous cleric/thief who will not leave your side. She will accept your other amours as long as you take good care of her. Primary interests: romance and the search for the perfect taco. 
She has a full romance with the PC, player/NPC-initiated flirts, banters with other NPCs, a number of interjections, character reactions and other scenery dialogue. Adult content.

You run into an old *friend* from the Sword Coast. Jini the Djinni (from Jini Romance mod) has taken up residence in Sigil where you meet her once again. You are left with the fallout from PST and, with the proper attitude and preparation, one or more of Annah, Grace, and Ravel might be induced to accompany you on your travels. And, yes, romance IS in the cards.

After the game is over but before credits roll, you have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your enormous victory by visiting your keep and wandering around seeing the sights, chatting with people, and visiting Sigil. This gives you the power to terminate the game at your own whim. There are treats in store for you. In order to terminate the game once you are in the expansion section post-game, talk with Rjali outside the gates of the de'Arnise Keep which will trigger THE END!

Version 12 comes with EET-compatibility, Russian translation and minor fixes!

Download Rjali NPC Mod

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