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Keldorn Fire Shield summons CWs

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The fire shield effect on Keldorn's Hallowed Redeemer summons CWs when used. I've also included devSin's fixes to remove the casting animation and correct the secondary type and match exclusion schools with the fire shield spells.


// hallowed redeemer feedback should not summon CWs
COPY_EXISTING ~keldorn.spl~ ~override~
 WRITE_SHORT 0x1c 2 // priest spell
 READ_BYTE   0x1e "excl"
 WRITE_BYTE  0x1e ("%excl%" BAND 0b11111110) // removes conjurer flag to match regular fireshield
 WRITE_BYTE  0x22 0 // no casting animation
 WRITE_BYTE  0x27 2 // secondary type: specific protections

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