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Tamoko npc Mod

Guest Rik

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Guest Rik

I was playing Baldur's gate 1 and I realized how much I miss a Tamoko npc mod for Baldur's gate 2 and ToB. It is indeed a shame no one has planned for it, especially because I feel like adding Tamoko to the party would be a source of great potential and fun. I saw a few mods for Tamoko on the .net, but they don't match my own expectations. One can only hope, one day, Lava and AionZ will partner to bring it to life...

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The problem with Tamoko is that there are some interpretations of the character that say she was/is (depending if she survived) Yoshimo's sister. Such interpretations also appear in Kivan & Deheriana (IIRC) and I tease the idea in Yoshimo Romance and... maybe Remorse? I don't remember. Anyway, I do not give the exact answer to those interpretations, because it's kinda unclear. I think it was hinted that it was supposed to be there, in BG2, but it got cut out. To be honest, while I play with this idea, I am not a fan of it, because It's a bit like in some soap opera: you meet 2 powerful people from Kozakura and by accident they are brother and sister and none of them had only problems finding you...

So... while I really like Tamoko, implementing her would mean breaking/supporting one interpretation of that whole Yoshimo/Tamoko thing and that's not exactly what I'd like to do...

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Guest Rik

First of all, thanks for answering, especially because I have not yet registered on the forum but you took the disturb to answer to an anonymous guest.

I feel like the concept that Tamoko was Yoshimo’s sister stems from modding:

1) Sarevok’s remorse assumes you’ve killed her – but my memories are kinda evanescent due to the fact that I’ve played it years ago. I don’t remember if you could deny it, but the fact that I didn’t install it again makes me assume you can’t.

2) Kivan and Deheriana, coupled with the others, I didn’t play them, I’m sorry.

But.. I don’t think the existence of conflicting mods bars you from providing your own interpretation to the characters:
> As a modder, this seems kinda a Sysyphean task.
> As a player, you know sometimes that you cannot install every mod, especially if you care about consistency.

I had to try in my first post, because I know you two are the best (at least for me) writers a Tamoko mod (and players too) could ever hope for.

Good luck for your future projects!


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I've meant Yoshimo's Remorse, not Sarevok's Remorse :) Also, AFAIR you are able to make Tamoko survive, but the game assumes she died.

I try to make my mods work well with different interpretations and different mods, but here... it's kinda impossible. The only solution I once had was making her join AFTER Yoshimo's dead and stray from that part of CHARNAME's story when talking to Tamoko, but... To be honest, I have few other mods that I've been working on and even if I decided to give it a try, it wouldn't be anytime soon.

But yeah, I'm preparing some stuff for people like you - people who still like BG and hope for new content to come. So I hope I'll be able to provide something that you will consider equally fun.

Thanks for your kind words! And cheers!

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