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Getting different item types to show on the avatar


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Is it possible to make one of the rarely used item types like eyeballs, teeth and so on, appear out in the game world, if a body slot is assigned to them? Equipping them can be done through ITEMTYPE.IDS, but I would like this kind of item to have an avatar representation, for example, look like a two-handed sword being carried. Actually, I can't even get a regular item type to show on the avatar as something else - can't get a ring to appear as a carried shield. Is this hard-coded, or can it be tweaked away somewhere? If all else fails, can I add a new item type that will display as a shield? How?

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It is possible to define new custom Item animations. Last time i tested it with wizard robes , default robe armor levels are 2W, 3W, 4W , new 5W 6W robes appeared in the game same for character as for paperdoll, therefore i guess it is possible to define other custom values eg. for weapons eg. PB "plasma blaster"

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