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Upgrading the star-strewn boots ??

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I am playing BG2EE V2.5.16.6

with some mods: Weimer Item upgrade, Ruad item upgrade, sod2bg2, Spell Revision and SCS 33.4

I have already made some great items with the sod2bg2 mod, thanks for the work!!

But I have one question concerning the Star-strewn boots

The recipes spoiler indicates:

  • 2x potions each magic protection, magic blocking, magic shielding + 5,000gp

I have the 2 last ones, but I don't know where to find the first ones ??

I imported my character from BGEE with some of these, but it seems that they are not in the BG2EE game...


Does anyone have an idea?


Thank you!!

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