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EE-Bug in v5: other language versions crash the game


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v5 excludes the tra file ee.tra from being converted to utf8 format. It therefor remains in ANSI format and the mod content leads to crashes in EE games for the non-English language versions.

This line has to be deleted for a fix (The comment is wrong, too, as ee.tra contains all ee specific ingame text strings):


      ACTION_DEFINE_ARRAY cdnoconvert BEGIN ee END // List of tra files that contain ONLY strings for the WeiDU installer and NOT game content

Quick fix for players:

1. Leave the tra file untouched and delete the line above from the tp2 before installing Amber v5.

2. Leave the tp2 untouched and convert the file amber/tra/[language]/ee.tra into utf8 without BOM format before installing the mod.

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