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Lack of interesting consequences in the druid stronghold

Guest Ront

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I noticed that there is no true weight to what happens after you become the great druid of the grove.

The thing is, the huge amount of xp needed to reach level 14 as druid was due to the powers that you would be acquiring by being able to seize the control of the grove in AD&D.

There are countless "good" consequences and powers you would be acquiring, that would put you above most of the Bhaalspawns. But none of these consequences are actually faced in-game, making the druid stronghold the most pointless and disappointing place of the game.

Some of the questions that come to my mind:
1) Which kind of powers would you acquire as great druid?
2) Has anyone made a mod that actually takes a look at AD&D supposed great druid powers, and actually made them relevant in game?
3) Has anyone made a quest mod/consequence mod that actually expanded the druid grove? In fact, if you took control of it, I think that some creatures would surely search for asylum there, but, well, in game nothing of this kind happens.


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