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Game is crashing on latest beta version when using wand of cloudkill

Guest rjf

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Title says it all. On the latest version of the 2.6 Beta + SCS latest version, if you use wand of cloudkill the game crashes, at least on MacOS

If I remove SCS and try the wand, it works fine.

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21 hours ago, Galactygon said:

I am unable to reproduce the issue in of BG2:EE (without SCS installed). Does SCS patch WAND13.itm?

In my game (heavily modded, but I think this would be the same in any SCS install), the effects of wand13.itm are preceded bya 177 effect calling DW#CLDKI.EFF, which summons DW#CLDKI.CRE, which runs DW#CLDKI.BCS, which has a Shout(404) action.  I think it's designed to get AI creatures to run out of the Cloudkill AoE so they don't stand around dying while the player twiddles their thumbs.

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