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How to create a bam using bamworkshop2

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to make a .bam the inventory icon for an item:


you need 2 images you can use for the 2 frames (I always bmp)



Frame0 is the larger image that is seen when you drag the item around

frame1 is the smaller resting image.


1. Open bws2

     the right you will see 2 windows the top is where the sequences are

     the bottom is where the frames are.

2. Lower window Right-click on FRAME0

a. Delete Frame

3. Top left under colors click CONVERT TO UNPALETED (this is important)

3. Lower window Right-click IMPORT FRAME INTO SEQUENCE

4. Select your first image (larger)

5. On the right, upper window Right-click NEW SEQUENCE

6 Left-click SEQUENCE1 (this is important)

7. Lower window Right-click IMPORT FRAME INTO SEQUENCE (yes, again)

8. Select your second image (smaller)

9. Top left under colors click CONVERT TO PALETED (back to)

10. In the tools section on left select FILL/COLOR DUMP

     The default colors are the left-click non-functioning shadow color and right-click transparency

     also in the pallet the first 2 colors are there.

11. Right-click all the areas the you want transparent.

12. Select Sequence0 and repeat step 11

     You can view your frames by hitting the fourth button above the frames window (you have to select the other sequence then back again 

      to view changes.

13.Save your bam (no more than 8 characters)


14. Add your bam to the item in DLTCEP and click center bam save your item. Enjoy.


Description bams only have 1 seq. And 1 frame.


One more possible issue, I have never seen this as an issue but bws2 has transparency color R-0, G-151, B-151

To fix:

Load DLTCEP -> Select EDIT from the top -> EDIT BAM -> load your bam -> Select PALLET -> the first color is already selected by default just change that to R-0, G-255, B-0 -> click OK then -> SAVE BAM AS...


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You have left off how to set the proper X and Y offsets.  You can do it in BAMWorkshop II, but but its implementation is a bit clunky and imprecise.  It's the "Selects the center point of the frame" button on the left hand toolbar, and you have to try and click on the proper pixel.  Mathematically, the proper offsets for the large frame are

  • CenterX=Width//2
  • CenterY=Height//2

and for the small frame they are

  • CenterX=(Width-32)//2
  • CenterY=(Height-32)//2

Where "//" is a floor divide (truncate the remainder).  These are easier to set in BAMWorkshop where you can type in the numbers.  The original version of BAMWorkshop didn't let you input negative offsets, but you can find an edited version here that lets you do it.


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step 14. Add your bam to the item in DLTCEP and click center bam save your item. Enjoy.

tho only do this in the item editing don't bother doing that in the bam editing portion of DLTCEP

I have made a ton (well more than 30) of bams doing it this way w/o any error. :)

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