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Casting speed bonus for using single weapon style


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It's all in the title... is this possible? Inspired by a few mods that change how weapon proficiences work, wondering if for a second/third pip in Single Weapon Style if you can reduce casting time for spells by 1 (maybe do the same for the Quaterstaff?) when just using one weapon and having a hand free? I can't see where you might be able to tweak this in NearInfinity.

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What you could do is put a repeating EFF on single-handed weapons, recasting on the weapon holder a spell with a casting speed boost, and on two-handed weapons and shields an effect to remove that spell as soon as they are equipped and block it so long as they are equipped. Or you might take a shortcut and add the bonus to the single-handed weapons directly, while equipped, and the two-handed and second-handed gear would remove and block that whole item, by item file name. But they would negate any other properties of the smaller weapons then, like vs. type bonuses, special criticals, recoloring and so on.

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Wouldn't something like this (with all categories) appended to baldur.bcs & baldur25.bcs work?




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If you add the action for decrementing the stat again when the morningstar is not in hand, yes, otherwise the change will be permanent. You'd need an OR here, though, for all of the one-handed types, and !s for all of those types again to decrement. And you have to set-unset a global, obviouslly, or this block will execute forever.

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If you just want a passive bonus whenever you are holding a one-handed weapon, then yeah it would be trivially simple. If it's just a matter of a relative advantage vs. larger weapons and shields, then absolute easiest thing to do would be to apply a while-equipped casting speed penalty to 2-hand weapons and shields. Balance-wise, it would be the same.

But if the goal is to make this a feature of specializing in the Single-Weapon Style proficiency (which is what I took from the OP), and you want it to kick in quickly and reliably when using various different methods to equip weapons, and you want it to be nullified when equipping a shield or an off-hand weapon and then kick in quickly and reliably again when you unequip that shield or off-hand weapon... then it gets more complex.

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No, it doesn't. It's quite enough to do either what I suggested or what he suggested. And putting -2 on two-handed weapons and shields is going to ruin them for everyone else who uses them. What were you thinking?

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3 hours ago, temnix said:

No, it doesn't. It's quite enough to do either what I suggested

But then the bonus is applied to anyone carrying a one-handed weapon, regardless of whether they are specialized, proficient, or completely unskilled with the style. Which is contrary to the clearly stated desire of the OP.

What were you thinking? (Ah, right: proposing uninspired, simplistic solutions that put the game on autopilot, rather than adding meaningful weight to the choices that players can make... typical.) :p

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All right, so use his method. His takes into account the proficiency. I could factor that in too somehow, probably, but what's certain is that the solution doesn't require your shitboat of code.

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The script only works for Player1... I shudder to think what would be necessary to make it universal.

Of course, sure you can code a whole new set of game rules into baldur.bcs. Lots of old mods did that sort of thing once upon a time. The result was... glitchy. I've developed an aversion to relying on bcs for basic game effects that the player expects to be reliable. My method, while complicated to devise, is rock-fracking-solid in actual gameplay.

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