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Shades of the sword coast by Lava del Vortel - need help for quest

Guest Raelis

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Guest Raelis

I found the note on sarevok's desk.

Checked the sewer in every area, but couldn't find the guy.

Took a look at the readme, seems like you're supposed to talk to a guy near the blushing mermaid.

Well, I've talked to him, but I can't find the guy.

Has anyone any clue? 

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Those are 2 different hints that lead you to sewers, you won't be able to address that note in a dialogue. Enter sewers near the Mermaid / Ilmater Temple and search the area - there is a new passage that leads you to a room where you can find a weird guy and his collection of items. You're not looking for a new creature in the sewers, but a new door.

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