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Has anyone got "Faery Tale Adventure 2: Halls of the Dead" or "The Bard's Tale" (2005) installed?

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That game has a wonderful variety of musical instruments that play sounds. I could use those sounds for making mods for bards, but no one knows how to unpack FTA's archive files. If a player with the game installed finds those instruments, however, and, tuning down the background music, catches their play with some kind of sound editor like Audacity and then gives me the files, I'll happily give him credit - either in acknowledgments for the mod or a month's free pass to Sumo Declined Star All-Body Massage Parlor, his choice. There are a few of those instruments already in Padavis, and more out east in castle Jovanc, I think. And there was a store that sold them all in the capital, I do believe. Hey, this is a quest!

I'll also take the lovely summoning sounds from "The Bard's Tale" (2005).

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It's a crazy huge download. I'll pass. What it brought to my mind, though, was the sounds of "The Bard's Tale" - the remake. It was a beautiful game.

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