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Dualing class and wasting xp

Guest RAelis

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Guest RAelis

When I dual, I always gain a bit more xp then my class is supposed to have. It is simply impossible to reach level 9 and have 250,000 xp, you always have 251k, 260k or w/e.

But I wanted to dual class at 9 (250k xp) and all the following xp should have been given to the next class, rather than being gained (for naught) by the first one.

This is one of the reason I always open eekeeper to modify the xp that I gained and give them to the next class straight, rather than seeing a 261k and having to reach that point with the new class.

Has anyone made a component that actually avoids this kind of stuff? For example, by removing the "superflous" xp
> by giving it back in the following levels
> straight out cutting it out to make reaching the dual classing faster and easier?


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Might be possible with a bunch of XP-related scripting, but not sure how reliable the end result would be. (Look at all of the issues SCS v33 faced with its XP scripts, and that was made by one of the most technically proficient modders around here.) All for a relatively limited benefit.

Plus, it would arguably undermine the whole point of the 2E dual-class mechanism, which is that you must start from level 1 the moment you decide to take on a new class. You're supposed to be at a disadvantage for a while, as you work to catch up. With 499,000 XP in your example, you would be able to dual-class and add 249,000 to your new class, leveling up ~10 levels in an instant.

if you want some interesting multi/dual-class mod possibilities, bother Beamdoog to add a script action or opcode to modify creatures' OriginalClass values... I've been asking them for that for 8 years and they haven't done it yet.

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Guest Raelis

Well, thank you for telling and for thinking about my idea. Turns out I will have to still mess up with eekeeper or nearinfinity :(

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