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Ha! There we go for colored automap notes

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I had a hunch parameter2 in the Set automap marker was not "Unused," and I was right! I wanted colored pins on my map marking special creatures and places wherever they may appear, but the AddMapNote script action only takes definite coordinates, it doesn't work with [-1.-1] to set it by the creature running the script. And the corresponding spell effect only left gray notes. But now I know to enter color in parameter2 there. 2 is red, 3 is green and so on. : )

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No, he's referring to opcode 253.

Parameter2 controls the color of the map marker it creates.

0 = Black (DEFAULT)
1 = Grey (SLATE)
2 = Red
3 = Green
4 = Yellow
5 = Blue (TEAL)
6 = Purple
7 = Orange (SALMON)
8 = Cyan (Map doesn't normally offer this color)

These are the colors used in EE games, not those currently listed in IESDP or NI.

Which really just correspond to the sequence of FLAG1.BAM.

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15 minutes ago, kjeron said:

No, he's referring to opcode 253.

"opcode" what ?

You mean Spell Effect Opcode, as in; #253 (0xFD) Spell Effect: Add Map Marker. Yesh, the blue link marker is kinda important. Hmm, you have some additional info not subjected to IESDP yet.

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