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No annoying strongholds

Guest Raelis

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Guest Raelis

Is there any mod that actually improves the strongholds to make them not annoying?


I've been playing the shadow thief one and damn, you have always to come back to Amn just to pay Renall. Can't he be payed by my second in command?

Can't my second in command just reiterate everything I've done without my presence, store the money week by week and leave me alone?

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What pissed me off the only time I played BG2 through was how unsatisfying the wizard stronghold was. I mean, a keep for a fighter might be boring to rights, but a wizard's? Where are all the wonders I should be able to engineer there? I honestly don't see the point of bothering with the planar sphere. But then, as I said, I only played the game once and don't see the point of bothering with anything there.

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