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Editing 2DA Files: Set Trap Skills / Spells as Innate Abilities


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Couple questions from someone new to editing stuff (using Near Infinity on OSX).  I know the Shadowdancer kit allows for "Hide in Plain Sight" which is hardcoded.  I was wondering if it's possible to enable the set traps ability for shadowdancers somehow?  I've never edited 2DA files but found the THIEFSCL.2DA table.  Do I just change the value from 0 ---> 100 and save it?  Do I need to export to override or anything like that?  

SIDE NOTE:  What is Stealth?  I see it listed on the table but every class has zero in it.

Second, question I have a vague idea about how one goes about changing certain spells to make make them innate (copy the spell, rename it, then change the Spell Type and Ability Location), then edit a save game file and add in the "Spells Known" and "Spells Memorized" lines to the CRE file.  The problem I'm running into is that I can get the spell icon to appear in the queue, as if the CHARNAME is going to cast the spell but then nothing happens.  Any insight on what I'm doing wrong and what other things I need to edit in the copy of the spell?  Example I'm running is improved alacrity, which is a wizard-only spell but what else might I have to change to get it to work on a different class?

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35 minutes ago, C87 said:

Do I just change the value from 0 ---> 100 and save it?  Do I need to export to override or anything like that?  

Setting it to a 100 is just a portion of fixing this, as you need the ability set them, which is controlled by the shadowdancer's clab....2da file, and in this case it's the clabth05.2da file, into which you need to add "GA_SPCL412" to the levels you wish to add the ability to make a trap... the normal thief has it at level 1, 6, 11 ... look for the clabth01.2da for reference. And after the change, you just save the file.

What setting do you have for the Options - > Show Override Files -> ???

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@Jarno Mikkola Thanks for the heads up and info!  Apologies if this stuff should all be "assumed" as knowledge as I have none when it comes to any semblance of programming/modding.  


Any insight to the spells as innate abilites change?  I just tried adding in the ability with a test character (mage) and the move of the spell to innate abilities worked for this character.  I'm guessing it's something to do with wizards being a class that casts spells, while fighters are not.  However, I know that as part of they innate abilities they do cast "innate spells" that are part of the bhaalspawn narrative.  So is there some workaround there?

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