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5E Spellcasting Rules Conversion

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Okay I have updated this mod to version 0.8. This fixes a number of things:

  • Casting slots should be determined by the correct class level if you are multiclass
  • Specialists no longer lose memorization slots at their highest spell level. To balance this, generalist mages now get an extra memorization slot.
  • Wild mages get their wild magic spells
  • Rings of Wizardry should work
  • Armors now properly suppress arcane casting, but do not suppress spell preparation. When you equip armor it will remove arcane spells from your spellcasting button; after you remove armor, your spells will return - after several seconds.
  • The new way armors work is compatible with Tome & Blood's "Bards Cast in Leather Armor" (which should be installed first), and with Might & Guile's "Revised Bards" (which should be installed after), and with Scales of Balance's "YARAS" (which should be installed after). I think it works fine with Item Revisions armor options as well.  It is not necessarily comptible with Tweaks Anthology's spellcasting in armor component. Tweaks will need a small update for that, but Tweaks doesn't get updated very often.

I think that's it.

The semi-spontaneous function library is shared by several of my mods. If you are using any 5E-style casting, you want to make sure you use the following mod versions (or later):

  • 5E Casting v0.8
  • Tome & Blood v0.9.12
  • Faiths & Powers v0.79.26
  • Might & Guile v4.12.1
  • Scales of Balance v5.32
On 7/26/2021 at 1:51 AM, Endarire said:

Does this 5e system also apply to Shadow Magic?

No - that mod has its own entire spellcasting system, with its own spells and underlying mechanics. I don't know how to make the two systems work together, so I simply exclude those kits from this system. This way the mods are not incompatible - nothing should break if you install them together - but each uses its own systems.

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Guest RelentlessImp

Attempting to install 0.8 returns this error late in the process:

ERROR: [d5zclons.2da] -> [override/d5zclons.2da] Patching Failed (COPY) (Failure("resource [d5zw172.spl] not found for 'COPY'"))

0.6 installs without this error.

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6 hours ago, Guest RelentlessImp said:

Attempting to install 0.8 returns this error late in the process:

I cannot reproduce this, 0.8 installs just fine for me.

That file is related to the new way the mod affects armors to suppress spellcasting. If you look at the top of [mod_folder]/lib/semi_spontaneous.tpa, it should be v6.1 or higher. If you try to install this after another mod that uses the same file, but an earlier version of that file, it could cause problems. That's why I gave a list of mods that all need to be updated together (TnB, FnP, MnG, SoB, and this one) - they all use that same file, and they all need the same version of that file.

I know that might be a bit annoying, but it's really important for compatibility.

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The EET mod compatibility list is maintained via pull requests on GitHub.  I asked because some of the Unearthed Arcana mods are listed but all of them should be.  This list is where I've checked first for what mods to include on an EET installation.  If you'd prefer another add UA's mods to the list, reply to that thread with the explicit permission-granting note and links to the relevant mods.


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Hey again :)  Did some more testing without the NPC EE which isn't installing and found some things that I thought would be best for this thread.

With my current setup mages actually seem to be working perfectly as intended. 5e casting kicks in and all works rather nicely for both singleclass, mage/thief and specialized mages :)
Now when I try the same with Priests
It behaves differently. For both multiclass and singleclass priest, while it does give me all the memorized spells spontanously it also gives me a single cast of every spell I memorized. Basically giving me one extra cast of everything only instead of it being stacked conveniently with the spontaneous ones they are one their own and I need to scroll past them to get to the spontaneous one. It doesn't really break my ability to play, but I thought it might be good to report the bug regardless. One visual difference is that after resting the spellbutton does not do the briefly turn off and on thing that did happen for the non priest mages. I think this is probably why those single casts aren't being removed.

Aside from this, the mod Monastic Orders of Faerun is not functioning well at all. I know that that mod is by a different author but someone friendly at the beamdog forums suggested I'd mention it here :) The fist is behaving like a normal non monk fist. No overcoming of resistance and only a small amount of non lethal damage. It is of course completely understandable if this is not something you want to take a look at!

I could not add the debug files of the other mod I mentioned nor the 5e one, they seem to be too large to be allowed in a message. Sorry if this is not enough information :(
Hope you all are having a wonderful day ^^



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