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Problem "sequencers and contingencies into innate abilities": NPCs gain ability for every "JoinParty()"

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Hi @DavidW. The component


~STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2~ #2 #4250 // Make spell sequencers and contingencies into innate abilities: 33.7

gives relevant mage NPCs another instance of Minor Sequencer as an ability for every JoinParty().

See attached screenshot here in first post for example.

This is probably caused because the CLAB-Abilities are evaluated for every JoinParty. SCS combines AP_ (Apply) with a Spell which applies the effect "Spell: Give Ability" (#171). And only that then gives the chain spell to the actor. This indirection cannot be tracked by the engine, so the former given CLAB Ability cannot be removed when the NPC rejoins the party.

Combined with my 7th party member mode for my mage NPC with frequent changes of group member status this added to 27 times the ability upon bug report. It also happened for "normal" JoinParty and also to Imoen.

Feel free to contact @Taimon who identified this bug if you have further questions.

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Just need to judiciously apply 206 protection against the AP_ spell... not in the spell itself - because that gets undone upon leaving the party - but maybe in the Sequencer innate ability. (Of course the ability could still multiply if someone leaves/joins before ever using it... but who in their right mind would let it go unused?)

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19 hours ago, subtledoctor said:

Just need to judiciously apply 206 protection against the AP_ spell...

There's no need for that, CLAB (passive) effects should always be added with the correct "Parent resource" (see here for further details...)

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I’m pretty sure that won’t work here. And is irrelevant anyway, as we’re not talking about a passive bonus added as a CRE effect. And what’s more, I suspect that would be problematic even if it did work.

We’re talking about adding an active spell on level-up, like Offensive Spin for a Blade. Traditionally this is done with a GA_ line in the kit ability table. IIRC, spells granted by GA_ are removed upon leaving the party, and granted back upon re-joining. 

I surmise the whole reason SCS does this via opcode 171 in an AP_ line is that removing/re-granting the Sequencer abilities can be problematic if the NPC has a filled sequencer. If that’s true, the solution is not to make them act like other granted abilities, but to just stop the AP_ spell from being applied more than once. Simplest way to do that is opcode 206 with timing mode 9 - applied by something that has a different parent resource as the AP_ spell. 

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