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G3/Kerzenburgforum: bgqe updates to v24 with Polish version!

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Gibblerings Three


Baldur's Gate Mini Quests and Encounters

Baldur's Gate Mini Quests and Encounters Modification (BGQE) is a mod for "vanilla" BG1 (with the add-on Tales of the Sword Coast), BG1Tutu v4, EasyTutu, BGT, BG:EE, and EET, adding several small quests and encounters to the game. Vanilla BG1 without TotSC is no longer officially supported, but it should still work for it.

Version 24 comes with some minor fixes and a Polish version by Aristo and Zed Nocear.

Thank you very much for the Polish version!

Changelog v24:

-added Polish version, by Aristo and Zed Nocear.
-Slimequest: Eltolth should take his journal and not put it into inventory of interjecting NPCs.
-Unexpected Help: Linda should never be in tavern after meeting her outside.
-Warm Place for Noober: all journal entries should be inserted correctly in EE, all entries should be removed when quest is done.
-typo corrections (English, German).
-corrected entry for "Beregost_House08_L2" in cmpvars.tpa.
-Russian version now uses setup.tra out of English language folder.
-added check to forbid installation after EET_End.
-French version typo corrections and WEIDU prompts.


Visit the Mod Page at G3

Forum at G3

Download at G3

Discussionthread at Kerzenburgforum (German)

Download at Kerzenburgforum

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