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PPG: Branwen BGII updates to v7 with Russian version!

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Branwen for BGII
(Author: Kulyok)

Branwen, a NPC from the first game in Baldur's Gate series, is a True Neutral human cleric. She worships Tempus, and one of her most famous quotes is "By Tempus' shield!"
But Branwen not just an NPC mod for BG2 players. It is also an NPC mod for modders! If you want to create an NPC mod, but don't know how, Branwen's files will help you and teach you. Of course, you can play her, too.

Version 7 comes with a Russian translation by Jericho2, thank you very much!

Changelog v7:

- Russian version by Jericho2

Download Branwen BGII Mod

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