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SCS Jon Irenicus .CRE file

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I have played a lot of versions of SCS combined with a plethora of mods which modify the game but even while playing on LoB difficulty with all SCS settings on the most difficult I still found the battles with Jon Irenicus to be a bit stale and one-sided. For example, during his first encounter with the Cowled Enforcers he literally doesn't take a hit from any of them calls their magic "pathetic". During your first encounter with him in the Spellhold after freeing all the inmates, he spends a bit too long trying to pre-cast some spells and he targets the inmates before your own party but gets completely overwhelmed, which granted is fair enough due to the story and all. The 2nd encounter at the Tree of Life is where I thought he would go essentially bat-s*** crazy and start churning out spells left right and center, but one or two debuffs and his health drops to 0 in a couple of seconds ending the fight. Essentially what I wanted to ask is I have been using Near Infinity to look for the instances where you fight him on those two locations and including the final fight in Hell but I cannot seem to find it. Because of the other mods I have installed as well and with my Override folder containing 20k+ files, I was wondering if possible if someone could guide me to those instances of Jon Irenicus so I can modify his stats a little better to give him better resistances and hopefully prolong the fight. The mod itself is fantastic and I don't have any issues with it, it's just the fights with him seem to end too quickly and personally I wish it was longer.


Kind regards,

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19 hours ago, InKal said:

Did you try Improved Irenicus Tactics remix from SCS2 v21?? Imo even harder than Improved Anvil version of this fight.

I think I am currently running a later version of SCS, I think it is v34, I will need to double check. Because of the other mods I have installed and since I am having to use EET in order for them all to work correctly, I don't really want to have to reinstall everything again as it will take too long, plus I will have to send the changelogs to my brother machines and have it installed there, which will take far too much time to get done. I was looking for the .CRE files so that I could manually make some changes to the current stats by adding passive resistances in order to make him more resilient.  

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