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Jastey's SoD Tweakpack updates to v5 with new component!

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Jastey's Tweaks for SoD and EET (and BGT)

This tweak pack is mainly meant for the SoD part of BG:EE and EET (except for the last component which introduces Imoen's SoD portrait into BGII).  It deals with some tweaks that I found useful for my own game.

The Tweak Pack updates to v5. Main change is a new component which gives 4 install choices for the ending of SoD, starting after the "slayer" dream killing cutscene.

- new component added: "SoD Ending: jastey's Tweaks"
- "More dialogue choices": added lines to Jaheira & Dynaheir at the end about their motivation to join the PC
- added install order syntax for PI
- Russian version now uses English setup.tra directly


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