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So, I'm having a run as the sorcerer, and at this point I have taken all the HLAs available to me but one. The Comet, to be precisely. I've spotted this bug a while ago, but right now, since I can't level up without triggering the bug, it finally bit me in the butt. 

The bug is simple. When I click on the Comet spell, either to look at it's description, to add it, or to discard it (+ and - buttons respectively), the game dies (Freezes at HLA choice window) and will close only through Task Manager. I take it, that some of the mods have corrupted the spell, either in description or in code, and that causes the crush. When I tried to skip the HLA choice and add Comet right away via EEKeeper, it did not work, and I still got the 'choice'. But there I've noticed, that spell's description looks like on the picture.

My bet is that something messed up the language (Game is on Russian, and some mods add English stuff, but I had no problems with that before). What should I do with that? Go redact some .ini, modify it through some Engine tool, or just call it a level cap? 


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