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Questions about TIS files

Guest Mike

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Guest Mike

Is there a way to replace/exchange single tiles within a TIS file?

Backround, following this topic: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/61041-bgt-graphics-overhaul/#entry610849

There are a couple of misindexed tiles in the WED files. Those can be fixed, by putting in the correct overlay tile numbers.

But besides this, there are also a couple of misaligned overlay tiles for closed doors on BGT, one example being in area 7700 (night), the door around X:4300, Y:700 (NI coordinates).
OTOH this looks perfect on BG1 Classic (GOG) both days and nights.

My idea for fixing this would be, to replace the misaligned tiles on BGT with the correct ones from BG1.

Thanks for any advice and sorry if I missed something obvious...





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Theoretically, PS_Tileset is designed to do exactly this, but in practice most Palette-based tilesets are larger than WeiDU's max filesize limit so it is probably of limited use.  You're probably better off using NearInfinity to export the tileset as a PNG, perform your edits, then use NI to convert it back to a tileset.


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Guest Mike

Thank you, Sam.. Your assumption was right, the tileset (ar7800n.tis) I tried to change was too big for WeiDu.

This is how I've got it working anyway:

-Exported original ar7800n.tis via NI as PVRZ tis (to get it small enough for WeiDu)

-Used your tool to export three tiles (3637, 3640, 3641)

-Exported ar7800N.tis created by bggoEET via NI as PVRZ tis

-Used your tool to replace the three misaligned tiles with the former exported ones

-Used Argent77's tool Tile2EE to create a palette-based tis from the corrected PVRZ tis

From what is showing on NI area viewer this area looks ok now 😀.


@Sam., @Argent77: Thank's for the great tools!

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Be aware that both Palette-based and PVRZ-based tilesets are essentially lossy formats.  Every time you transcode between them, you lose information.  This loss may not be easily distinguishable to the human eye at normal zoom levels, but it's something to keep in mind.


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