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Patch 2.6 out for BG:EE/BG2:EE/SoA/IWD

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1 hour ago, subtledoctor said:

Installing a brand-new and untested patch, and then waiting to install a bunch of brand-new and untested versions of mods on it, is just asking for trouble.

... Trouble someone has to go through to make this a better world, I'm afraid.

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Glancing at the patch notes (such as they are), there’s not actually any improvement in 2.6 that ever bothered me. I suppose pathfinding, but that’s really it. All the improvements that I was looking forward to apparently got lost and were not backed up (*I shit you not), and have been pushed to the 2.7 patch. Whenever and if ever that happens. 

So, I’m not upgrading anytime soon. 

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1 hour ago, jastey said:

Does anyone know whether content changes were made to SoD? I mean like fixing content bugs, corrections to dialogues, this kind of thing - SoD only fixes.

EDIT: I'm asking to know about changes with regard to my mods, not because I think SoD is especially buggy, and because the official patch announcement does not contain info on SoD afaik.

I couldn't find any changelogs for SoD either, so I did one myself (but only for the more relevant resource types).

I ran a quick mass compare for SoD-specific scripts, dialogs and creatures between patch v2.5.17 and v2.6. From what I can see there were no changes made to dialog structures, only one creature change (BDFARRL.CRE) and a number of script changes. Most of them belong to combat scripts. But there were also changes made to a couple of area scripts, trigger scripts and character scripts. I have attached a patch file with the script changes.

I have also checked the dialog.tlk for text changes and attached a diff file for that as well.

Edit: I have cleaned up the script diffs by removing the auto-comments.




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