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Component "NPC Cannot Use Doors": Opinions?

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Hello everyone!

I was wondering if someone playing with BGT played with this component installed. I found myself being quite unsure about it and I would love some feedback.


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This component is probably mostly a matter of taste. However, there is one event in BG2 which might break the game: the Bhaal chase in the Spellhold dream. It prevents the Bhaal apparition from entering Candlekeep interior, so you're stuck in the dream unless it's fixed with a savegame editor.

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It's one of those tweaks where I ask, "sure it sounds cool in general but can I name a discrete instance of when it might actually make my game better?" And since the answer is probably no, then I don't bother with Yet Another Mod that Might Introduce Bugs (YAMMIB).

(A bit like all of those variant spell tables, which have interesting names, but when I look at them they don't really differ until level 25+, and my mages rarely go past level 25 or so in TOB, so I realize I can completely skip all of that.)

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Yeah, I was attracted by the "cool" factor of it. 😅

But I can see it may not have much practical impact in the game and it may lead to some serious problems.

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