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Setting special saving throw parameters

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I want to use Weidu to set flags for a bunch of effects to Ignore secondary target (bit 11) and Ignore difficulty (bit 25). How can I do that? It's possible to use "savingthrow = BIT11 | BIT25," but this eliminates the actual already set saving throw type, usually 0 (vs. spell). If I write "savingthrow = BIT0 | BIT11 | BIT25," I get all three, but this assumes that the saving throw is indeed vs. spell. In most cases for this particular effect it will be, but there is no guarantee. How do I add flags without touching the existing save type? It looks like ALTER_SPELL_EFFECT only rewrites saving throw values, it can't add them.

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12 hours ago, temnix said:

How do I add flags without touching the existing save type?

"savingthrow = THIS | BIT11 | BIT25" (you can find more details in this post, towards the end...).

However, you cannot use it with ALTER_SPELL_EFFECT and the like, so you might want to cycle through the current effect(s) with something like GET_OFFSET_ARRAY / GET_OFFSET_ARRAY2, i.e.:


COPY_EXISTING myitem.itm override
  PHP_EACH ab_array AS int => ab_off BEGIN
    GET_OFFSET_ARRAY2 fx_array ab_off SPL_V10_HEAD_EFFECTS
    PHP_EACH fx_array AS int => fx_off BEGIN
      READ_SHORT fx_off fx_type
      PATCH_IF fx_type = 12 BEGIN
        WRITE_LONG (fx_off + 0x24) (THIS | BIT11 | BIT25)



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