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Just what is INSTANT.IDS?

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I know it's the exclusive list of actions that the engine is supposed to perform in special situations, for example, during a dialogue, but it's not all the actions it can do then. For example, AdvanceTime is not in INSTANT, but if added there, time can be scrolled during a conversation. I bet other actions can work if added as well.

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On another forum here kjeron speculated that dead creatures may not be able to do a number of actions because those actions aren't in INSTANT. I have a system for handling the dead worked out, but if I were just inventing one, I would definitely want to know if they are just forbidden to, say, do Spell by the exclusion from INSTANT. That's pretty special.

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INSTANT and ACTSLEEP are only half the issue.

Every action is hardcoded to whether it will allow usage instantly, while dead, asleep, or otherwise helpless.

You can remove actions from them and they will stop working (instantly).

To add actions someone just has to take the time to rigorously test every action not already listed.

If you add "ForceSpell()" to INSTANT.IDS, you can use that action while the game is paused and though the character won't fully animate, the spell will be cast.  Of course doing so may screw up numerous scripts that assume otherwise.

If you add "Spell()" to INSTANT.IDS, the character will take the ready stance, but not take any action until the game is unpaused.

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