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"Apply spell on movement" fails after a reload

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If you put that effect on someone, save and reload, it fails. Well, the spell gets cast, actually, I can see that by its name in the bottom window, but nothing else happens. Does anybody know what's going on there and how to fix it?

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Once you save and reload, the effect no longer properly tracks it's caster or target (but does track the caster level).

The effect the creature is attached to will become the caster (but it will still use the stored caster level).

Any spell with a non-instant projectile will fail (not projectile 0|default, 1|None, or any Single-target PRO using "Hit Immediately").

Several of the newer (EE) spellcasting opcodes work this way.

op366 -> subspell

subspell -> PRO=1, op146 (self/instant/caster level) -> subspell2

subspell2 -> (intended PRO/effects)

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