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error when installing in french : No translation provided for @40402

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I installed SCS using EE Mod Setup on BG2 EE 2.6 from steam (copied in a new folder) 1rst in En with no issue


then I tried in Fr using the import config from WeiDU.log but get this error :

ERROR: No translation provided for @40402
ERROR: No translation provided for @40402
ERROR: Not_found in apply_standard_function: inputs were func=say_both_names, arguments=40402
ERROR: [STRATAGEMS/iwdspells/copyover/wizard_monster_summoning_7/ms7bgrd.CRE] -> [override/ms7bgrd.CRE] Patching Failed (COPY) (Not_found)
ERROR: Not_found
Initialise les composants de l'IA (requis pour les  composants tactiques et d'IA) (Sword Coast Stratagems) was not installed due to errors.


I attached a 7z of the WeiDU.log and SETUP-STRATAGEMS.DEBUG





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6 hours ago, Phane said:

I installed SCS using EE Mod Setup

 Installs via the EE Setup Tool are not suppoeted as far as I know. Reason is that we do not know what the tool is actually installing, might not be the original or up-tp-date version.

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