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Improved NPC Customization and Cernd

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Playing with the NPC Customization component for the first time , and encountered a problem with Cernd: when I leveled him up, he didn't immediately level up again; he just stayed at level 1. I had to kick him out of the party after every level; when he rejoined, he would level up, but just the one level....I would then have to kick him out, go through the joining dialogue, and add him to the party again to get to the next level. And he maxed out at level 7, not at the level 12 or 13 he should have, based on the current party average. I initially rejected him and told him I would meet him at the grove; I don't see why that would make a difference, but I thought I should include anything that might be relevant to his joining the group.

No real problems with any other NPCs so far (the only ones I haven't yet recruited are Keldorn and Valygar), though it is a little annoying that Haer Daleis can only put one pip now in short swords instead of his unique two pips in the standard game.

Update: Same thing happened with Imoen in Spellhold, although you can't kick her out without her going straight to the Copper Coronet, so I had to use the CLUA Console to raise her to he proper level.

Additional Update: It makes no difference if you pick up Cernd right out of the jail cell: he still only levels up once.

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Guest Koken

I have had a possibly similar issue with Yoshimo only getting one level. For some reason enabling Party AI brought on the remaining level ups.

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