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GemRB Vita

Guest Andy Wilton

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Guest Andy Wilton

Hi Guys,

I'm extremely new to GemRB, loving the vita app.
I purchased Icewind Dale 2 and Planescape a few weeks ago and they're running superb.
BG1,2 and IWD1 were too expensive so was waiting for a sale...
...sale landed today, snapped them up... it's enhanced editions only!! Gutted.

I've emailed GOG to see if they can sort me out with the original versions, but they look to no longer be on offer on GOG.

Does anyone have any advice or ideas on what to do next? I've legitimately purchased them on GOG, but it's the EE only it would appear. :(

Thanks a lot,


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Guest Andy Wilton
6 hours ago, Nugrud said:

From a WEB BROWSER like Chrome or Firefox , go to your account and find the game.

Go to MORE--> Serial Keys

Here, you will find a redeem code like http://www.gog.com/redeem/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Yeah, I can download the game and see the serial key, but it's the Enhanced Edition only. There is no original version, which I find odd as it was my understanding that GOG was one of the few places online you could still purchase the original version, albeir included with the EE.

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Posted (edited)

I've just checked it and it works. So once again: using your web browser on pc log in to gog.com, go to your library. Click on the purchased Enhanced Edition game you bought. In the menu that drops underneath, under the name of the game there are "System, Language, More". Click "More", choose "Keys". Copy the URL beginning http://www.gog.com/redeem/xxxxxxx. Copy and paste it in another tab. Redeem it and activate "Baldur's Gate 2 Complete" in the next window. The classic game will apear in your collection. The same instruction follows for bg1, iwd, pst (oh, it doesn't for non-bg).

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Guest Andy Wilton

Hey Nugrud - thankyou!!
I must have been getting it wrong the first time, it worked a treat this time.
Thanks for the help and the patience!! Thrilled to get these sorted. :)

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