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Torpedo Joe...


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For those who liked swatting penguins in the thread Microsoft vs. Linux may like this.


If you already know the joys of JoeCartoon, then you probably know this:



its the same one as the first pinniped swatting...


urm...did you guys get the joke on the sign???


rheinhold is a famous...alternative scientist...yeah, that's the phrase...who launched several expeditions to look for yeti's in the himalayan mountains...



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Your knowledge of "alternative" science startles and worries me UU. Do you keep reference books to hand or what?  :D



I think this is the place Bri meant...




Sometimes, copy-paste doesn't work out like you want it to.  :D

beware of the world wide web...


i just did a quick google of rheinhold when i read the tombstone on the background... :D:D:D


yep, torpedoing manatees was fun... :D

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