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why does sorcerer script not use stoneskin / mage armor?

Guest magefanboy

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Guest magefanboy

My sorcerer does not pre-buff with stoneskin. I'm looking at ease-of-use script and indeed they are excluded, anyone knows why?


It's the same for stoneskin, mage armor, melf meteors (I can sort of understand this one)

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Guest Guest Guestly

Are you playing on an EE? Per the readme, the SCS ease-of-use script doesn’t automatically work for spontaneous casters but the readme has instructions on how to enable it. 

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Guest Master of Replies

No I'm playing classic. I have already "fixed" it for myself, I'm just curious what was the reason. Why spontaneous caster(s) are excluded?

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If a mage has Stoneskin memorized, the only thing they can do with that slot is cast Stoneskin. So it makes sense to cast it whenever it's helpful.

If a sorcerer casts Stoneskin, it uses up a 4th-level slot that they might have been planning to use for something else. It's much more difficult to anticipate when a player might or might not want to use that slot, so I leave it up to players by default. (This is actually the result of a specific request from someone who played sorcerers, years ago.)

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