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A Rays projectile behaves oddly

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My spell is supposed to fire eight rays in all of the compass directions, at 45 degree angles, in a star pattern from the caster. And sometimes it does. At other times, however, the stars instead begin where the rays are supposed to terminate. This seems to happen randomly, I don't change anything in-between. Can anyone tell me the reason?


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The "Hit Immediately" bit will do that in the explosion projectile, but always.

There is a bug in v2.6 when targeting yourself with a cone (defaults to 360 degrees), may be related.

Beyond that would have to see the files.

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See the files? You don't even want to read messages... But in this case the reason was simple: I had forgotten to give a custom Exp. proj. to the third Rays AoE. I had made three AoEs to use three versions of the lightning graphics, for variety, played at random, but one had an AoE for the Exp. proj, so it exploded at the ray ends instead of flowing there. 

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