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Possible Issue With Remove Convenient Ammunition Component

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I'm seeing an intermittent occurrence of "blank" spots in random treasure throughout the game: for example, I'll open a chest in the de'Arnise Keep and see a scroll of Detect Illusion and a stack of Arrows of Piercing...and between the two of them is a blank space. If you click on it, it adds this invalid item to your inventory....which can then not be removed. Going over my list of mods, it seems like the likely culprit is the Remove Convenient Ammunition component (I have the option to remove non-magical ammunition installed). I've attached my WeiDU log.




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Hi Gregor,


This bug reminds me of this thread opened some times ago :http://www.shsforums.net/topic/61008-random-treasure/?hl=aurora#entry610359

I can't tell you what causes this bug in your case -- most probably SCS --, you will have to investigate. However, if you install the component [Realistic random treasures] from Aurora mod, it will solve it (http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/831-auroras-shoes-and-boots/)

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I have the same issue in my game, though I don't have the Remove Convenient Ammunition component installed. One specific container this affects is the one in Mazzy's cell in the Shadow Temple. Checking with WeiDU shows that the only mod I have that affects that area (AR1401.ARE) is the Wider Selection of Random Scrolls component from SCS.

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After looking into it a bit more I'm pretty confident it's the Wider Selection of Random Scrolls component. It seems to work by randomly replacing some random treasures in containers with scrolls. But it looks like the function that determines how to do the swapping doesn't properly handle RNDTRE01.item or RNDTRE02.itm and will instead replace them with NULL.itm instead of a scroll, which results in the glitchy non-items in game.

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