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Sime Dialogue Loop Fix

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I didn't see a thread on this one, so I assume that nobody fixed it yet.


Upon arrival in Brynnlaw while allied with Shadow Thieves, the player gets attacked by vampires as result from Saemon's betrayal. After vampires are disposed of, player is supposed to get a new dialog from Sime (Shadow Thieves ally), but sometimes this doesn't happen and Sime returns the same dialog all the time.


The problematic part in area script is check if three vampires were dead instead if they existed. This was in collision with vampires' script that turns them into bat if badly hurt so the game wouldn't consider them dead and the critical variable would have never been set to proper value.


COPY_EXISTING ~AR1600.BCS~ ~override~
 REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Dead("ppvalen")~ ~!Exists("ppvalen")~
 REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Dead("ppparis")~ ~!Exists("ppparis")~
 REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Dead("ppdel")~ ~!Exists("ppdel")~

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