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PPG: Kulyok's Questmods Update!

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Assassinations updates to v17 with revised Polish version by Cuttooth!

Visit Assassination Modpage


Back to Brynnlaw updates to v9 with French version by deratiseur and Polish version by morgan, Aristo, Cahir, Christoff, Kirara, L'f, memory, Noemi (Stars of Mystra Forum)

Visit Back to Brynnlaw Modpage


Dungeon Crawl updates to v 13.1, with French version by deratiseur and revised Polish translation by Aristo

Visit Dungeon Crawl Modpage


Reunion updates to v7 with Polish version by Aristo, memory, morgan, Christoff (Stars of Mystra)

Visit Reunion Modpage


The Sellswords updates to v9.1 with French version by deratiseur (proofreading by Rivvers) and Polish translation by Jedimag & morgan (Stars of Mystra).

Visit Sellswords Modpage



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