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Beamdog's new Raise Dead and Resurrection

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I've been told that filters have been added to these spells to ensure that they only revive characters who are dead. How exactly did Beamdog do it? Did they pass the targeting through the General value DEAD or through STATE_DEAD? Or current hit points at 0? This may be important for my mod here, because I change some characters' General. Not to DEAD, to MONSTER, but General is bugged and refuses to expire or even switch to DEAD when they go down (now that would be something to fix). I can arrange for a contingency that will force them to go DEAD on dying, but that's really pushing it, and the bug would start working in the other direction and keep them DEAD even after revival. No good solutions here, looks like, but I can offer the General change to players as an option, at least, if the updated raising is not funneled through DEAD.

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The spells filter GENERAL:DEAD.

A creature's GENERAL value does not change when they die, but the engine is able to detect a STATE_DEAD creature as GENERAL:DEAD, so long as they're GENERAL value is not actively being overwritten with op72 using timing mode 2 or 9 (any other timing mode would expire upon death).


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It's not specific to just GENERAL. Any usage of Op72 is subject to becoming permanent (as timing mode 1) under a variety of conditions.  It's possible that it's not intended to be usable as a temporary change, for the very reason that it can interfere with such checks.

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No, it is just about General. Everything else you change with 72 expires or ends when it is supposed to, on death, for example. You can change somebody's race or class, or both, briefly, for this and that, but as soon as you touch General, it's stuck forever. Can't be undone with spell removal, opcode removal... The only way to get back to the right General is to apply 72 again, but in the case of going from DEAD to HUMANOID there is no condition to use as a trigger to mark that event. Dead creatures can be reached with a permanent contingency that detects STATE_DEAD in a round at most, but STATE_NORMAL doesn't work as a trigger.

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