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G3/Kerzenburgforum: Imoen 4 Ever updates to v7!

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Imoen 4 Ever


Imoen 4 Ever aims at making Imoen a steady companion throughout the whole BG-Saga. Imoen-related story content is being considered, therefore Imoen will be out of party temporarily to reflect the most crucial original game events. This mod makes her rejoin the party after such incidents, so that she can be seen as an actual travel companion in SoD and BGII. The SoD part is fully playable and Imoen will react to the main game events, but it is not fully fleshed out yet.

Version 7 comes with bugfixes!



-Ophyllis should reply correctly after Imoen's interjection
-Imoen should start her correct dialogue at the Sewer exit
-more interjections in SoD
-more lines altered from "searching for Imoen" to "going after Irenicus"
-typo corrections
-added UnderstandMouseMagic to credits
-Internal restructure: texts will be copied to "autotra" folder before used in game (and converting them to utf8 for EE) and using marker file so text conversion is done only once; Russian version now uses English setup.tra directly.
-added check to tp2 to forbid installation after EET_End
-corrected entry for "Beregost_House08_L2" on cpmvars.tpas


Mod Page


German Discussion Thread at Kerzenburgforum


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