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Cone targets

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I'm making a new cone projectile, and it's scope is weird. Sometimes creatures in the explosion area are included and affected, sometimes not. A cone needs to be wider than its visual representation to be (more) reliable, and even then... This is an "Any point within range" ability, by the way. It should be this way instead of "Living actor" for more flexible tactics. Does this make a difference? Here are some screenshots of this unruly shape.

Here the cone is directed at the character on the left - at his location, that is. The character in between is well within the cone, but not affected. It takes standing in direct line, or almost direct line, from the caster to be caught up.


Here she is on the edge of the visible cone (which is a VVC) and inside the wider cone of the actual projectile, but still not receiving the effects...


When the cone used None as its Explosion projectile the results seemed to be the worst. I took the example of New_Cone_of_Cold and used Invisible_Traveling instead, then substituted a faster projectile, but even so, there seems to be no way to make the cone catchy unless it's really broad, and then the flared side is too close to the source. If I add another 20-30 degrees to this cone, it's going to start hitting creatures at the midpoint between this spruce tree on the bottom and the caster. Is there some trick to these cones? Do I need special explosion projectiles? Something with width and Pass target, possibly? How would I stop them from shooting off across the map, though?

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