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King Strohm Fix

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One of the Efreeti in the King Strohm Quest is seriously messed up. His base AC is 3 instead of 2 like all the others. For some reason, he has no fire or magical fire resistance (he should). Also, for some reason, he's marked as a Dao Genie with no gender. He also has an item called B3-18 that is nowhere in the game files. He also lacks a few spells that his script uses. He's also immune to weapons that insta-kill efreeti.


The easiest way to fix this is to copy over the values from the other efreeti involved in this quest (all the rest are identical), except for the Mask part that is needed for the quest.


   WRITE_BYTE  0x287   0x33
   WRITE_BYTE  0x2D3   0x33
   WRITE_BYTE  0x5D0   0x36


Until WeiDU gets that REMOVE_CRE_ITEM that I want, have to do things this way, otherwise he'll end up dropping two different parts to the mask.

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 WRITE_ASCII 0x280 ~ddguard3~ #18
 WRITE_ASCII 0x2CC ~ddguard3~
 READ_LONG 0x2BC "item_offset"
 READ_SHORT 0x2C0 "item_number"
 WHILE ("%item_number%" > 0)
   SET "item_number" = ("%item_number%" - 1)
   READ_ASCII ("%item_offset%" + ("%item_number%" * 0x14)) "item"
   PATCH_IF ("%item%" STRING_COMPARE_CASE "key15" = 0) BEGIN
     WRITE_ASCII ("%item_offset%" + ("%item_number%" * 0x14) ~key16~
      PATCH_IF ("%item%" STRING_COMPARE_CASE "b3-24" = 0) BEGIN
      WRITE_ASCII ("%item_offset%" + ("%item_number%" * 0x14)) ~B3-18M3~


Thanks to Cam for helping me figure this out.

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