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Can someone explain these instructions in plainer words? please?

Guest jimmy

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Guest jimmy

After dabbling a little with the override script of the tsamon.cre-file I solved the problem by switching the "dead or alive"-checks against "is valid for dialogue"-checks.
This way tsamon initiates the final dialogue after being reduced to low health twice.


I want to resort to this method because for some reason one of the characters added by a mod is not acting right. It is someone who I have to "kill" before they will continue talking to me. Like what is an overide script and how do I switch one check for another check? 

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You would need to know a lot about modding to understand what you ask, but I can give you instructions for fixing the problem. Open Near Infinity. Search for a creature file using the name of the troublesome character. Look into the script of that file at the Override level. In that script there is likely to be something like:





Other possibilities exist, but this is the most probable. Replace "Dead("scriptname") with StateCheck("scriptname",CD_STATE_NOTVALID), compile and save the script.

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