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Compatibility question

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Got it. 

I realized now that there is no option for moving the items from EE-specific areas (I usually disable EE-npcs) to shops. Sad to say, but this way the mod is not my jam.

Anyway, congrats for releasing the mod - hope you get some juicy feedback.

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Hi Daeros - this mod is great! I love that there are some cool new items, particularly some for under-appreciated classes like my favorite Stalker.


I am having an issue and I think it's with compatibility with Weimer's Item Upgrade. I am trying to make the Nimblefinger gloves. I have the Bracers of Archery, AC 3 Bracers, Pickpocket gloves, and 5000 gold. However when I visit Cromwell, he still offers me the Weimer-oriented options... which is the Weimer item upgrade list, or I can click on response #1 and have him go through the vanilla BG2 upgrade list (Gesen Bow, etc.)

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EDIT: I just misunderstood the format of the recipe spoilers. I did not have the base Nimblefinger gloves. I EEkeeper'ed those gloves into my inventory and Cromwell properly saw them and offered to make the upgrade.

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