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Effect 309 can take coordinates?

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Apparently, the local variable setter can take coordinates. But is that good for anything? Is there an effect that records the coordinates of a creature or a point? Or can this information from 309 be inserted somewhere?

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But these aren't usable in ready form, are they? I mean, if were doing a patch of a template BAF with two %%s in [x.y] for coordinates, then you could... no, I don't see how data from a local variable set inside the game could be inserted in any of these. But these two actions are interesting, 245 and 246. They are not in the Gibberlings' Triggers section, so I have to ask. They don't have to refer to the same area, do they? It's possible to save the location of one creature in area A and create another creature at those coordinates in area B? Like this:


To put another Winthrop on the second floor of Candlekeep's inn directly above the original.



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