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String comparison

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I'm patching items with names that contain "silver," "gold" and other precious words, like "flamedance," to include flamedance rings. For this I'm using a series of conditions of this kind: ((~%name%~ STRING_CONTAINS_REGEXP ~gold~) == 0) | | ((~%name%~ STRING_CONTAINS_REGEXP ~flamedance~) == 0), and so on. But the results are strange. Silver rings don't get patched, and neither do gold ones, but golden pantaloons do. I don't mind that, but with jewelry I can only guess that letter case gets taken into account, even though it shouldn't, according to Weidu's documentation for that command. I'll try adding conditions for ~Silver~ and ~Gold~ and see what that does, but it's more confusing with ~flamedance~. Here the standard "Flamedance Ring" does not become patched, but "Joia's Flamedance Ring" does. Other than for the name, they are identical. And no, I didn't slip a space into my condition that would make the first condition not return true. Any explanation?

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Just now, kjeron said:

Are you reading the identified name or unidentified name?

UNID name of most rings is just "Ring", whereas Joia's Flamedance Ring is both the ID and UNID name.

That's it! I should have read identified. Thanks! That explains all of them.

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