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A mine field of "innocents"

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I'm discovering that there are creatures of the INNOCENT class scattered around the first BG, when by all rights they should have proper classes. This really throws off testing of things like SHOUT.BCS, because they don't respond the way you expect them to, and you break your brain trying to understand why before you look at the class they've been given. I would like to know just who is so bloody innocent besides Shandalar (not a mage) and Bjornin (not a paladin; kill everyone at the Jovial Juggler, and he won't move a brow).

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Well, on the off-chance that you're writing for games other than EE, be aware that the class of several creatures was changed from innocent to what it should be in the EEs.

Phandalyn is one. Also some of the clerics selling temple services. This is going off of memory, so I can't give you a full list.

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30 minutes ago, temnix said:

They are still innocents.

Nalin, the priest in the Temple of Helm in Nashkel, has the class 'Cleric'.

According to the BG wiki (and the comments about optimising XP in the EEs by taking Brage to Nalin, then killing them both*), Nalin's class was 'Innocent' in BG1.

*Yuck, by the way.

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I don't know about Nalin, but Beamdog didn't do anything to Shand and Bjorn, and who else out there? That's my question. And I'm okay with these exploits, actually, like killing everyone to get everything. It means the players are taking the game world seriously, rather than its abstractions like alignment and so on. They are interacting with it and experimenting. Just like in real life, nobody stops until stopped.

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